J. Gottlieb was established in 1985 out of the famous and well known Gottlieb bakery shop. We are a leading consulting company for the bakery industry.  We also represent, as exclusive agents, the major international baking machine manufacturers. We offer the best equipment while maintaining the highest quality level and providing the best service in the industry.

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J. Gottlieb Marketing and Management Ltd is the largest and most professional supplier of bakery machines in Israel.

J. Gottlieb Israel represents the  major companies in the bakery field such as: Rondo, Miwe, Mecatherm, Effedue, Jeros, Back-tech, Apple, Starmix, Sasa, , Tromp Engineering, Panem ,Spiromatic, Gami ,Vulganus,and more.
J. Gottlieb specializes in bakery consulting and complete bakery installations in Israel and in other countries where full solutions for bakery installations and consulting  needed. Yossi (Joe) Gottlieb has many years of experience in bakery consulting and will provide bakery training and bakery design in the most professional way.

If you are lookng for bakery machines in Israel we have a complete solution from the flour silo to the automatic packaging.

Yossi ( Joe ) Gottlieb The CEO of J. Gottlieb specilizes in consulting for the bakery industry and can help in any issue in the bakery Feild.

From time to time J. Gottlieb Offers equipment at special prices, You will have to get back to our web site in order to find out.

In our web site you will find information about bakery and confectionery exhibitions around the world. Among them are: Europain
Iba , Sigep and more  J. Gottlieb is one of teh sponsers of the bread cup competition