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Removable bowl mixer

The removable bowl spiral mixers in the AE industrial line allow for greater productivity and flexibility in the production of dough, as it is possible to use two or more bowls with the same machine. This type of mixer is available in models catering for 160 kg and 240 kg of dough.

The AE industrial line has also been conceived to serve big industrial bakery plants and is therefore suitable for a significant daily output of dough. This is possible due to the special structure of the machine, designed in accordance with the standards which ensure maximum reliability and sturdiness.מלוש לבצק סיר נשלף ברטו Berto









As for the fixed bowl models, so too the removable bowl models are designed to mix with different intensities in different areas. In particular, intensive mixing takes place only in the area between the spiral and the breaking column. As a consequence the dough goes through an area of intensive mixing and another of rest, avoiding the danger of an excessive rise in the temperature of the dough.

Moreover, the special design of the spiral and its speed ratio, which is co-ordinated with the bowl, ensure the following:

  • quick working times and optimal dough textures;
  • maximum oxygenation of the flour and, consequently, maximum absorption of water;
  • excellent gluten processing, so as to obtain a three-dimensional structure with great properties of gas retention;
  • rapid rising of the dough, already in the kneading phase, allowing for a reduction in the rest time;
  • dry and soft dough textures, which allow for easy handling during subsequent operations.

The oil-hydraulic system for lifting-lowering the machine head and hooking- unhooking the trolley is fully automatic. The bowl replacement operation is particularly easy: when the kneading process has been completed, the head is automatically lifted and the bowl is released. Thanks to its small size the bowl trolley can be easily handled, even with a full load of dough.

To repeat the work cycle for a new load of dough, it is sufficient to bring the bowl containing all the ingredients up to the machine; the bowl is then detected by an electromagnetic induction feeler which allows it to be locked in place.

Spiral Mixers The control panel, although simple, allows the necessary functions to be carried out.

  • A selector allows the direction of rotation of the bowl to be reversed during the first speed cycle; this operation speeds up the entire kneading process.
  • The machine can operate in three different modes, by turning the corresponding selector to the required position: automatic, semiautomatic or manual mode.
  • With the bowl trolley inserted and the gears correctly coupled, the luminous green button lights up. Sebsequently, pressing this button, the automatic work cycle is activated, that is: the hydraulic clamps and head close and the dough kneading cycle begins.
    At the end of the kneading cycle, the head lifts up, the clamps open and the carriage is released. Each of these functions can be carried out individually, if preferred.
  • Electronic timers controlled by microprocessor have been especially designed for use on the spiral kneading machines.
    At the end of the kneading cycle, the head lifts up, the clamps open and the carriage is released. Each of these functions can be carried out individually, if preferred.
  • The bowl can be rotated with the spiral still and the bowl cover open, by pressing the corresponding jog bowl button.

The bowl trolley is held in place by two strong hydraulically driven clamps which block it and secure it to the machine. The bowl rotation is driven by gears. In this way the number of bowl revolutions remains constant and the duration of the transmission is guaranteed. Furthermore, the transmission is practically maintenance-free. The machine allows the bowl cover to be opened even with the head lowered. In this case, the kneading cycle is automatically stopped and the timers are not reset, but remain at the time reached at the moment the machine was stopped.

AE industrial line
technical data
160 AE industrial
240 AE industrial
Dough capacity
kg 160 lb 352.7
kg 240 lb 529.1
Flour capacity
kg 100 lb 220.5
kg 150 lb 330.7
Bowl volume
1   260 gal 68.7
1   382 gal 100.9
Bowl diameter b mm 850 in 33.5
mm 1000 in 39.4
Floor to bowl rim height e mm 850 in 33.5
mm 1000 in 39.4

Power of spiral - 1st speed
kW 7.5 hp 10
kW 10.5 hp 14
Power of spiral - 2nd speed
kW 10.5 hp 14
kW 15 hp 20
Power of bowl
kW 1.5 hp 2
kW 1.5 hp 2
Hydraulic power
kW 1.1 hp 1.5
kW 1.1 hp 1.5

Width c mm 1310 in 51.6
mm 1610 in 63.4
Length (with trolley inserted) g mm 1988 in 78.3
mm 2130 in 83.9
Height (head & bowl cover closed) a mm 1490 in 58.7
mm 1670 in 65.7
Length of the carriage f mm 1035 in 40.7
mm 1110 in 43.7
Height with head open d mm 2050 in 80.7
mm 2200 in 86.6
Overall height i mm 2570 in 101.2
mm 2805 in 110.4
Overall length h mm 2130 in 83.9
mm 2290 in 90.2

Machine with trolley inserted
kg 1670 lb 3682
kg 2270 lb 5005
kg 346 lb 763
kg 396 lb 873
Technical data are not binding. They can be changed in order to improve the products.



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