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Overturnable Spiral Mixer

Berto VMI AR line overturnable spiral mixer

The Berto VMI Overturnable bowl is distributed in Israel by J. Gottlieb. The AR line of overturnable spiral mixers is available in models catering to 353 lbs (160 kg) and 441 lbs (200 kg) of dough.

מלוש מתהפך לבצק ברטו Overturnable mixer  Berto

These mixers overcome the problem of having to manually extract the dough from the bowl, thereby leading to reduced production times. The mixer is raised to and tipped at the set discharge height, releasing the dough onto a table or into a divider, as required. Furthermore, the mixer can be tipped to the right or left or to both sides, at equal or different heights, depending on the user’s specifications upon manufacture of the machine.

The solid, sturdy structure of the AR mixers allows for intensive, semi-industrial use of the machine, up to 10-12 hours of continuous use per day. The clean, compact design provides the user with a mixer which fits comfortably into a production line, incorporating both mixing and dough discharging functions into the minimum possible space.

The mixing technology characteristic of the entire range of spiral mixers is reproduced in the AR line of overturnable mixers. The design is such that the dough is mixed with different intensities if different areas, preventing excessive increases in the temperature or the dough, by allowing it to go through areas of intensive mixing and others of rest. In particular, intensive mixing only takes place in the area between the spiral and the breaking column.

Machine Operation

The AR line of overturnable spiral mixers is characterized by several innovative features:

  • The automatic opening of the bowl cover when the command is given to raise the mixer for the discharge of the dough, which simplifies the dough emptying procedure;
  • The special cable carrying chain inside the column, which eliminates the presence of external cables;
  • The position of the hydraulic unit inside the column, which contributes to the clean line of the mixer.

The oil-hydraulic system for raising the mixer to and lowering the mixer from the discharge height is fully automatic as is the bowl cover motion. The tipping process is easily activated when the kneading process has been completed simply by pressing the up arrow push button to raise the mixer. Upon receipt of this command, the bowl cover is automatically opened as the mixer is raised along the column and then tipped to the required side and height. The dough emptying process is simplified by the bowl jog function, which impulsively rotates the bowl, and by the possibility of selecting the direction of rotation of the bowl itself. Upon completion of the dough emptying process, the mixer can be brought back to its original position in order to start a new work cycle simply by pressing the down arrow push button to lower the mixer.

This line of mixers has the added of advantage of a bowl cover which opens and closes automatically, to further automate and simplify the discharge process. The bowl cover is opened when the command is given to raise the mixer, so that the mixer reaches the discharge height ready to allow the dough to be emptied onto the table of into the divider for the subsequent step of the production process.

AR Line Models
160 200
    Dough Capacity Kg/lb 160/352 200/441
    Flour Capacity Kg/lb 100/220 125/276
    Bowl Volume l/gal 260/69 305/81
    Bowl Diameter mm/in 850/34 910/36

    Spiral 1st Speed Kw/Hp 7.5/10 7.5/10
    Spiral 2nd Speed Kw/Hp 10.5/14 10.5/14
    Bowl Kw/Hp .75/1 .75/1
    Hydraulic Power Kw/Hp 1.1/1.5 1.1/1.5

    Maximum Width mm/in 1900/75 1900/75
    Maximum Length mm/in 2150/84.6 2150/84.6
    Maximum Height mm/in 3265/128.5 3265/128.5
    Maximum Overall Height mm/in 3340/131.5 3340/131.5
    Maximum Discharge Height mm/in 2020/79.5 2020/79.5
    Base Width mm/in 1110/43.7 1110/43.7


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