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Do you own a bakery or a business which produces baked goods? Are you about to open a bakery or a confectionary? If the answer is yes, you should get familiar with the variety of means at your disposal in the baking equipment field.
Understanding Bakery and confectionary equipment includes all the baking stages; from mixing the dough, sheeting, cutting to actual baking process.
In order to achieve excellent results and a top quality product, it is recommended to use the equipment/machines which suites best to the specific process.
The large variety or options often force the consumer to face many debates regarding the equipment he will purchase, such as:

  • Determining the correct and most efficient work flow
  • Which ovens should be used for cookies, different cakes, and which are right for baking bread?
  • Which machines can handle the dough shaping process?
  • How to choose a dough sheeter? Some factors are to be considered such as the type of dough, quantity of dough per hour, is the one that sheets the dough the same one that continues to work with it? What is the designated area for the machine? Is the operator a certified confectioner or just a worker?
  • Which mixer to choose? For whipping there are mixers which combine compressed air in to the mix. There is a large variety or solutions for whipping and stirring of cream, muffin, palm cakes, Éclair, pastry and more.
  • What is the difference between the types of trays? There are different trays for cookies, baguettes. Trays with shapes such as muffins and more.
  • Which oven to choose? Static or turbo heating? An oven with a trolley cart?
  • How to extend the life of the equipment?

Yossi Gottlieb, J. Gottlieb Marketing and Management's CEO is a consulting expert in the field of baking. Yossi comes from a background of a bakery and confectionary, knows all the secrets of the trade from youth and has been through all the stages in the bakery and confectionary field.

We can tailor a perfect and complete solution for every customer according to his needs while considering the given budget. We exclusively market and represent in Israel the top manufacturers in the world of baking equipment, while providing installation services, training and constant maintenance. We take pride in the best leading service company in the Israeli bakery field. 

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