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Automatic Quality Control

De La Ballina Industrie's advantage lies in its capacity to control diverse product types at high rates: baguettes, half-baguettes, croissants, buns, etc., whether fresh, unbaked, pre-baked or ready to bake. The quality control solutions incorporate various aspects:

  • Length of time taken to handle products likely to be long depending on their stability
  • Metal detector (MD) (set up or not)
  • Vision Quality Control
  • Vision area adapted to the products or to the checks that are to be carried out (back lighting, simple lighting, raking light, multi-camera system for extra precision, etc.)
  • Ejection system designed to suit the products (single gate, multi-gate, blowing, etc.)

A number of checks can be made:

  • Height, length, width, diameter
  • Baking level
  • Shape (the system "learns" a shape to compare and deduce similarities and differences)
  • Presence of marks
  • Presence/absence of grains on the product's entire surface
  • Percentage of grains on a product
  • Uniformity of grain distribution on a product
  • Presence of cuts
  • Controlling industrial vision means the products checked can be located and repositioned, with direct access to communication via a robot

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