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Some History….

J. Gottlieb Marketing and Management (1987) Ltd. began it's activities in 1985 through "Conditoria Gottlieb" which was one of the most well known confectionaries in Israel established and managed by Yeshayahu Gottlieb in 1965.

The CEO of J. Gottlieb, Yossi Gottlieb, began his career in the bakery and confectionary field from the time he was a child, helping his father with the family business. Completing his mandatory army service at the age of 21, Yossi decided to study in the USA where he graduated Summa Cum Laude and was awarded the Wall street Journal achievement for his B.S degree in Business administration, financing, investments and technology.
In 1983 Yossi returned to Israel to join in the management of the family business.

At a certain stage, about a year following his return, when the business increased Yossi noticed the need for more machinery and automation. At the time it was quite difficult to find a salesman of bakery equipment who could also provide the consultation services needed in the field.
Consequently Yossi decided to study the needs and possibilities and with a fixed plan he did a makeover of "Conditoria Gottlieb" and added advanced technology to the business.

All went well and upon  a visit of one of Conitoria Gottlieb's colleague Yeshayahu Gottlieb was pleased to inform the collegue that Yossi had designed the renovation. Consequently Yossie's first design work was done as a favor to the same colleague free of charge.

Following another request from another friend Yossi realized that there was a growing demand for a company which would provide consulting and designing services and from then on, the rest is History.  

Yossi realized that there was a real need for a service company that would provide consulting, evaluation, direction, sales and installation services to bakeries. He provided the said services as a side business. However progressively projects began to arrive from word of mouth and within a short time Yossi built a small office of 2X4 square meters where the activities involving bakery machinery were done as a sub-business of Conditoria Gottlieb.. 

Looking towards the future and with the increasing demand for bakery goods, Yossi established "J. Gottlieb Marketing and Management (1987) Ltd" as a separate business from Conditoria Gottlieb.


We at J. Gottlieb specialize in providing the much needed consulting services to bakeries and confectioneries for all stages of production while taking into consideration the customers needs, the available solutions and the budgeting limitations.
J. Gottlieb is proud to represent the leading suppliers in the bakery machinery field in Israel, providing installation, training ,course maintenance and repair services to our customers. We are proud to have the best after sales service department in the country with a certified ISO 9001-2000 Quality Control System.

J. Gottlieb supplies a large variety of bakery and confectionary machinery which includes: Flour silo's, Spiral and Planetary mixers, dough sheeters, industrial make up lines for processing all types of laminated and non laminated dough. Baguette lines, Croissant, Burekas and Rogalach machinery, proovers, Retarder proovers, all types of ovens, cooling and freezing systems, automated packaging and more.

International activities

J. Gottlieb is well known as a provider of turn key projects, taking the responsibility for integrating diverse suppliers to form a complete project in the bakery field.
Having the experience we are proud to consult with companies in Europe who use J. Gottlieb services from start up, training and consulting from the beginning of the procedure until the opening of the bakery shop. We provide consulting services, market machines, train, and even provide recipes for Israeli ethnic products or any other product in the bakery field. The diverse activity of J. Gottlieb enables the international customer to enjoy the knowhow for all products in one source rather than the need to search for a variety of suppliers.

How does J. Gottlieb differ from other companies in the field?

We talk the baker's language. Our advantage is that our CEO and consultant has a rich background in the bakery field. He knows all trade secrets from the time he was a kid in the bakery, covering all baking stages from mixing/kneading the dough through manual production to automation. As a result every customer receives the appropriate equipment suitable to his own needs.

We guarantee quality service, reliability, professionalism and efficiency for all our customers. We state in our service contract that we market the highest quality equipment, from well known equipment manufacturers, in order to maintain the highest level of professionalism that will allow us to meet each customer's needs. We are currently updating our company in reference to all developments in our field of business, while taking into consideration the changing trend in the worldwide markets.  


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